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Nudes, Cults, Influencers, Celebs and Lifestyle Streamers

Issue #6 — Jun 2, 2020
Today: Nudes, Cults, Influencers, Celebs and Lifestyle Streamers
There’s no doubt that a new “passion economy” creates new opportunities for emerging content creators, life streamers, influencers, cult leaders and even celebrities.
Today, you can turn your “fandom” into money in a direct way. Although, it’s not easy, there are some risks and it’s not for everyone.
Artwork: Giuseppe La Spada
Artwork: Giuseppe La Spada
"The common thread that runs through these streams is the focus on the person, not necessarily the activity. Without a game taking up visual (and cognitive) space on the screen, the streamer’s personality becomes the main focus."
"OnlyFans’s quarantine blowup seemed inevitable. We’re clawing at the walls, looking for new ways to earn money—and new ways to masturbate."
"The product itself is as simple as it is improbable. Famous people record video shout-outs, aka “Cameos,” that run for a couple of minutes, and then are delivered via text or email."
"As someone putting out content, you might get lots of validation and positive feelings out of it, but that’s true of any work, and people should be compensated for it. There’s an idea that creative labor should be fueled by passion, but in the end, we all need to pay rent and eat."
"Influencers don’t just want fans. They want a cult. They want loyalists willing to do as they command, withstanding the friction of leaving their favorite feed to take actions that benefit their glorious overlords."
"Influencers are an asset to social platforms. They drive engagement, but platforms that hope to retain top creators must help them do one thing well: make money."
Li Jin
Maybe this is too little too late, and creators are distrustful about relying on IG for both audience acquisition *and* monetization?

The new features feel video-centric, which is great for creators who want to go live and perform--but not everyone does (e.g. artists, writers).
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